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Ospreys on the Magothy

Along the Magothy River on the Chesapeake Bay, the Osprey have flourished in numbers. An evening cruise on the upper river passed by nests on nearly every channel marker along the way. Their teenagers were tucked in for the evening, some enjoying their supper. A curious one sat […]

Moving In

I’m going to let you in on a secret – Zorro and Esperanza are moving in ! Yes, it is true. After all of this time, I spied them sitting on the new platform house shopping and discussing whether or not it would be a good place to […]


It’s been rather difficult to get a capture of Celeste, Mrs. Bluebird. When I head down to the garden, I whistle so she knows I’m coming, usually with mealworms in hand. She flies out of the box and promptly hides in a closeby tree. With time, she’s gradually […]

A Stick at a Time

It’s time for an update on Zorro and Esperanza. After building them a new nesting platform last week, Zorro and Esperanza have been determined to keep their original home on the neighbor’s boat lift. To help them with rebuilding their home, and hoping they would build on the […]


Well, I wish I could tell you that Zorro and Esperanza adopted the newly installed Osprey platform today. We had left some sticks in the middle of the yard for building. Zorro quickly seized the opportunity and took each and every stick. Only to…take it to the original […]

It’s a High Rise

While I haven’t been looking this week, Zorro and Esperanza have been busy building their high rise apartment. Compared to their nest not too long ago after the wind storm, they have been really working hard. Within ten days, in between fishing and lovemaking they’ve managed to create […]

A Stick and a Fish

With the despair of the lost nest of Zorro and Esperanza, I have been hoping that they would rebuild. For the first few days after the wind storm, they sat at the nesting site with a look of confusion. Then one day the weather was favorable, and it […]

Horned Grebe

One of the many migrating birds that pass through the Chesapeake Bay is the Horned Grebe. Unique in their red eyes, and coloring around the males heads, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by these odd creatures. They dive for fish and are excellent underwater swimmers. Sometimes watching […]