Build It and Hope They Come

In the wee hours of this morning at 5:30 a.m., I heard the cries of Zorro and Esperanza. I was thrilled to hear them, even though it was still dark outside.

Last night, I was dismayed as they weren’t at their destroyed nest site on the neighbor’s boat lift. Was I too late to help them with a new home?

See, I have been able to find someone to help me install a new Osprey platform quickly and they were scheduled to come today. Two gentlemen arrived in a truck from Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, one Phil, who has been installing Osprey platforms going on twelve years now. And Dean, a quiet and reliable fellow.

In quick order, Phil got his waders on and walked into the water to begin installation.

IMG_0201 (1)

It didn’t take long for the platform to be installed, with Zorro flying overhead wondering what we were up to. Esperanza, however was watching from across the river.

It stands high and open, and although the platform is much smaller than their previous footprint, we’re hoping that they’ll adopt this new ‘nest’ quickly.

Esperanza returned to the boat lift and began her crying again. I called her several times, and she looked at me. I told her that there is a new home for her and it was time to move in.

Alas, tonight both went off to parts unknown. I’ll sleep a restless night, wondering where they will be in the morn.


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  1. You are too much – how cool is this?! Hope that those two turned around and head back, they’ll find a nice and better protected spot.

  2. SQUEAL!!! How WONDERFUL of you all to do this for these amazing birds. While I still wish a wildlife agency would get involved somehow, and punish the (%#&$#&$!!) who could do this in the first place… On the hopeful side of things, this proves to show that there are so many GREAT people out there!

    Here’s a ton of good vibes to those lovelies, to make this their new home! XO!

    • Actually a friend of mine is in the Maryland Dept of Natural Resources enforcement and he did go to the house last Sunday. Spoke with the perpetrators. But bottom line Christina? The law is on their side. So long as there is no egg or babies, they can do it. I just hated that they did it the way they did.

      So far, they’re being way too stubborn and won’t move.

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