Well, I wish I could tell you that Zorro and Esperanza adopted the newly installed Osprey platform today. We had left some sticks in the middle of the yard for building. Zorro quickly seized the opportunity and took each and every stick. Only to…take it to the original nest site on the neighbor’s boat lift.

Late this afternoon, Esperanza sat on the boat lift screaming away for at least an hour. She just wouldn’t stop. And then my eye caught Zorro high up in the tree after a successful fishing trip. No wonder she was fussing so much.

Who knows what will happen next in the saga of Zorro and Esperanza. Will the neighbors again remove all the sticks? Or will they give in to the Osprey.

If they do clean up the boat lift, then maybe – just maybe Zorro and Esperanza will move to their new platform that I had installed for them on my property.

For those wondering if the neighbors are to be held accountable for destroying the large nest last week. Turned out that the law was indeed on their side. As long as it wasn’t an “active” nest, meaning no eggs or babies, and the nest is on a dock like this, they have the right to remove it.

Tomorrow we’ll be back to Owl week ! See you then. Bella

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    • You are truly too kind. It was the least that I can do, and plans are already in the works for a better structure next spring. I couldn’t do it now as it takes 6 – 8 weeks for the permit. Wish us luck!

  1. What a fine catch! My husband would be jealous of that fish! I do hope they come over to your property for their nest as your neighbours don’t seem to be that much into nature. Fingers crossed!

  2. Ugh. Active? Poor Ez could be full of eggs, ready to pop. I still can’t believe the disregard of nature to some folks. 1 for the mean neighbors, 0 for nature.
    So happy you installed the perch/roost. I hope they get the hint.
    That is one heck of a fish Z caught! You also on the shot! 😃

    • She was Ilex. I was watching her standing on the nest looking rather heavy. She was ready to pop. Don’t know if the first egg had come out or not.

      The perch is much smaller than what they’re used to and there aren’t super close trees like the boat lift has. Really, they have prime real estate over there. Can’t blame them.

      Learned it is a Shad fish that he has. I was amazed how big it is. Thank you!

  3. AMAZING. I can’t believe the law is on the side of these ridiculous, ignorant people. Sigh.

    Well, here’s to the couple focusing on a nicer, SAFER place. Poor guys.

  4. Emily you have a calling and our feathery friends are fortunate to have you on their side as on our’s! All the best, I really enjoy following your treks with your camera! 🙂

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