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Update on Zorro & Esperanza

Since the return of Zorro and Esperanza to their Osprey platform, I’ve been watching them each day. At first they spent a lot of time away from the nest, but daily I could see that more sticks had been added in the early morning. Esperanza has been quieter […]

They’re Back

If you had asked me about spring three weeks ago, I would have sworn it was early and we were going to have a hot summer. But then we got two bitter cold snaps that blew through in the shortly after. And with the temptations of spring around […]

Still Hanging Around

It’s been a week since I’ve been able to post, so yes…I am still hanging around. Like these Purple Martins that stopped for a brief rest on the wire before continuing on their migration travels southbound for the winter. First, the heat wave continues in Maryland and I’ve […]

And Then There Was One

This year has been a successful season for Zorro and Esperanza, the Osprey pair that have made the upper Magothy River their home. Those that have been following me are familiar with the tale of this lovely couple and how last year man intervened and destroyed their nesting […]

Flight Testing

In a week’s time, the Three Musketeers have grown in leaps and bounds. From having wings with feathers barely formed, their feathers are beginning to look like they are ready for flight. It was busy on the nest tonight. With Zorro coming in with a big catfish, dinnertime, […]

Zorro and Esperanza

I’m pleased to share with you that the family of Zorro and Esperanza are doing quite well. With three little ones in the nest, Zorro is busy throughout the day bringing fresh fish and new sticks for Esperanza and his family. The Three Musketeers are getting along better […]

Little Zorro’s in the House

The suspense has been high at the manor, awaiting the news of whether or not Zorro and Esperanza are successful in raising a family. A lot of watching while Esperanza hunkered down on the nest through the constant rains that we’ve had in Maryland this past month. Suffering […]

Changing of the Guard

Please forgive my absence this past week. It’s been a heck of a month for me. Had a fabulous safari in Africa then needed a week to recover and get over the jet lag. Just when I started feeling great, hubby brought home a cold and that knocked […]