Esperanza and the Fishing Lure


It’s been quite busy the past week or so. Between offering photography classes and watching the beautiful osprey family at the manor, I’ve barely had time to sit with my computer. So I owe you an apology for my absence and hope to make it up to you this week.

Zorro and Esperanza’s little family have been growing up by leaps and bounds. Now showing themselves more often in the nest, it was time for me to open up the house and invite other area wildlife photographers to come and enjoy the Three Musketeers.


Yesterday, we had a nail biting experience. It was late afternoon and Esperanza decided to dive down from the nest and catch a small rockfish herself and brought it back to the nest. This was the first time that I’ve seen her fish and it was exciting to see her be so proficient.


Upon her return to the nest, she started to bite into the fish. That’s when my friend and I saw in horror that a large Spinner Lure was attached to the mouth of the fish. Terrible visions of what damage this lure could do to Esperanza and/or the Musketeers, all we could to was catch our breath and wondered what would happen next.

In quick order, Esperanza noticed that something was amiss.


With a mean eye, she studied the lure for a few harrowing moments. What was she going to do? Surely she had noticed it. And as fast as the blink of an eye, she grabbed that hook with her beak and removed it from the fish as easy as pie, and threw it away.


Truly amazing to witness. Esperanza is one very smart lady and we were so fortunate to have witnessed it. At the rate of the growth of the Three Musketeers, I’m guessing that they may fledge from the nest sometime around July 4th. In the meantime, I’ll be out as much as I can in the afternoons to enjoy this beautiful family.


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  1. Absolutely stunning pictures! Abd a great story to tell. I’m glad all turned out well in the end. Amazing how intelligent that bird is!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

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