Changing of the Guard


Please forgive my absence this past week. It’s been a heck of a month for me. Had a fabulous safari in Africa then needed a week to recover and get over the jet lag. Just when I started feeling great, hubby brought home a cold and that knocked me down for two weeks. Started feeling great again and DARNED if my horse went and bucked me off of him last Saturday.

Now suffering from a concussion I have good days and not so good days. It didn’t stop me from leading two groups the day after my fall which gave me a blazing headache, nor having my “Getting Started in Bird Photography” class through Capital Photography Center this past Saturday which also gave me a blazing headache.

So more mundane tasks that involve no computers, no phone, little photography and forget about riding horses, hiking or exercising. So what’s left to do? Weeding in the garden. That’s it..lots of weeding in the vegetable garden which happens to be right near Zorro and Esperanza’s nest.

Of course I go with camera in hand and for the hours I’m putting in I’ve been able to enjoy observing the life of this lovely couple. I’ve learned that in the afternoons Esperanza gets a break from taking care of the eggs and Zorro sits on the eggs keeping an eye to the sky for interloping Osprey.

Eventually Esperanza returns with Zorro quickly departing off to the blue skies.

Tomorrow is a photo field trip to Hillwood Museum and beautiful spring flowers. Can’t wait!



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  1. I’m so happy Zorro and Esperanza have a successful nesting season this year! Great captures! Our couple have on chick this year, about three weeks old now. I hope you feel better soon.

    • How exciting is that ? I can’t wait to see how many babies Zorro and Esperanza will have. It’s starting to become a maternity ward at the Manor.

      Thank you for your well wishes. I’m starting to feel great !

  2. Know how you feel I’ve been out with the flu for over two weeks, just starting to come good now. And right at a busy time in the bird migrant season for us.
    Lovely shots of the birds and so grand to learn of their success. It must be a wonderful few monthts to follow the progress and feel ‘part’ of it.

    Hope you are up and about and feeling close to 100% soon.

    Keep taking pictures, we do.

  3. You do like to keep busy don’t you {tongue in cheek} but on the up side, your captures of Esperanza and Zorro are magnificent – do rest up though!

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