And Then There Was One

Esperanza and the Three Musketeers

Esperanza and the Three Musketeers

This year has been a successful season for Zorro and Esperanza, the Osprey pair that have made the upper Magothy River their home.

Those that have been following me are familiar with the tale of this lovely couple and how last year man intervened and destroyed their nesting plans. A nesting platform was installed on the manor’s property by The Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage organization and providing a stick buffet certainly got Zorro a head start in building yet another new home. But it was too late in the season for them to raise a family.

Early spring this year, Zorro returned and prepared for Esperanza’s arrival. This is a well seasoned couple and she had no qualms with telling Zorro just how she wanted things. In quick order, four eggs were laid and it was in mid-May when three of the four eggs hatched.

It has been such a unique opportunity to watch them grow and see the daily lives of the Osprey. Situated where I can view the nest from the house and leaving the family undisturbed allowed me to watch them throughout the day. I would visit every week to capture the family in action, and this family were very tolerant of the birding paparazzi that came in tow.

But with all goods things, they must come to an end. And the Three Musketeers have grown up healthy and happy and have begun to spread their wings. My best guess is that there is one female and two males. The female is significantly larger than her brothers and her name is Elena.

Esperanza (left) with her daughter Elena (right)

Esperanza (left) with her daughter Elena (right)

The middle one – a brother is named Diego and he was the first to leave the nest. Such a typical teenage boy he’s been having fun gallivating. But I’ve seen the children come back to the nest in the evenings for dinner delivery by either Esperanza or Zorro as they haven’t learned how to fish yet.

The youngest brother, name yet to be determined was the last to leave and the night before he took his first flight a big storm blew in and his older sister and mother returned to the nest to protect him.

The youngest

The youngest

It’ll be a little while before the Osprey begin their trip south, so for now lots of fishing will be going on to get them prepared for their travels.

With great gratitude to the Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage organization for installing this Osprey platform. Consider clicking here and donating to this wonderful group that support nature and wildlife on the Chesapeake Bay.

I truly am an Empty-Nester now…..


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  1. Great story, wonderful pictures: thanks for sharing! Am so glad to know they all grew up. Hope they’ll stay safe.
    Have a great day,

  2. Loved reading the success and seeing the three babies. Bless your heart Emily, you could see what the lovely couple couldn’t – these birds will come back year-after-year all do to your hard work of persevering. I remember when the wind blew their first nest to smithereens. Good for you!

  3. That is so wonderful! I’m so happy everything turned out so well for them. Thank your for sharing their story!

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