They’re Back


If you had asked me about spring three weeks ago, I would have sworn it was early and we were going to have a hot summer. But then we got two bitter cold snaps that blew through in the shortly after.

And with the temptations of spring around the corner, I spied Zorro flying around the river about ten days ago. He didn’t quite settle into our nesting platform right away. One day I saw him on it eating a fish and I went down and grabbed a few pictures. He didn’t like it too much and quickly flew off. Afraid that I scared him off and he would chose another place to establish their summer home I lowered my hopes and waited to see what happened.

A winter storm quickly followed with below 20 degree temperatures. Surely Zorro was smart enough to go back south a bit before returning. Now spring has been delayed and Facebook reminded me last week that Zorro and Esperanza were busy making a family. So what was to happen.

The worst of the storm finished on Sunday afternoon and first thing on Monday morning, I saw Zorro on the nest and he had started putting sticks on it. Of course, having a nice stick buffet for him to select from on the lawn certainly gave him a head start.

This morning before I left for the day, I saw Zorro again working on the nest. Upon my return this afternoon, lo and behold Esperanza had arrived ! She immediately settled into her summer home and was sitting there awaiting Zorro to serve her once more.

She didn’t even pay attention to me when I went to document her arrival, but I didn’t overstay my welcome. I stayed hidden and took a few shots and then left. The love birds celebrated their reunion later on as I watched from a distance.

So very exciting that once again Zorro and Esperanza’s story continues at the manor.


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  1. I’ve missed your posts ~ what a great way to touch base again. Love that these two love birds found their way back to the nest!!

      • Hi Emily I do understand. I took several months off, dealing with several deaths and then very tough elderly issues with both my parents. While still in the thick of things, I made a commitment to do some art when time permitted and blogging. I’m not on facebook, so hopefully you think to post every once in a while here on your blog. I do remember and if you can believe it (mostly because of what my family is going through) selling my art has been put aside until I can fully concentrate on it. I hope you are well and enjoying the Spring!

  2. We are watching wrens, jays, bluebirds, cardinals, hawks, and deer begin to raise their broods. But osprey…that is awesome!! Grass is always greener ya know…

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