Still Hanging Around


It’s been a week since I’ve been able to post, so yes…I am still hanging around. Like these Purple Martins that stopped for a brief rest on the wire before continuing on their migration travels southbound for the winter.

First, the heat wave continues in Maryland and I’ve been wearing myself out in the hot mid-day to take care of my old mare and to continue my battle with the barn flies.

But worse of all – my new Dell XPS15 laptop has been on the fritz and I’ve been unable to load any programs or even browsers with ease. What should take me moments is taking me literally hours. So I’ve been trying to diagnose the problem, backing up all my files and removing some programs to see if that’ll ease up on the memory drain that Adobe Creative Cloud causes.

I still haven’t solved my problem by a long shot, and it’s time to call in the Dell doctors. In the meantime, at least I can share that I’m not the only one still hanging around.

Yes..our lovely Osprey family is still around, although only the youngest one – Alejandro – is spending any time on the nest.


He keeps hoping that either mom or dad will deliver dinner and after a week I was starting to worry about him as he’s refusing to learn how to fish. Thankfully, one afternoon I saw both parents deliver fish to the nest one right after the other. It didn’t take but a moment for big brother Diego to come in to get his share. Oh yes..that went well with Alejandro. He gave his brother a what for and chased him off!


So while I try to figure out my technical problems, please bear with me and I promise to be back in full force. If anything – bird migration has begun!

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  1. The things that they discuss day to day about the things they learn eh 🙂 memory leaks are the worst, I hope that if it’s software that they’ll patch it :O

    • I’m using a new one, but want my other one back Fatima. Alejandro is still hanging around the nest as of this morning, but I don’t see Zorro and Esperanza or his older brother and sister. I think they left for the south already. 😦

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