Mist on the Meadow

There are meadows in Maryland with their meandering hills and late summer grasses. With hot summer days and cool nights, the meadows are covered in mist and dew. It’s a magical place to be in the early morning before the sun rises.

I arrived early to capture the meadows before my students arrived for my photography class. Alone I was on the misty meadow with its mysterious nature and it’s serenity. Well, I thought I was all alone until a herd of six white-tailed deer bucks raised their head to greet me.


It was a gentle sunrise with the fog and mist muting the colors of the sun. She was slow to rise, but quickly gained strength once free of the mist.


While the sun was rising, the moon was starting to set behind me. Such a peaceful place the meadow is.


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  1. I love your photography and these are very atmospheric with the early morning mist. The deer add a special touch. I can feel the peace of this lovely meadow.

  2. I think this is the first time I have seen these pictures & wherever you are wow!!!. They are amazing. I love the bucks,the sunrise is gorgeous. The Moon all the pics are beautiful.Thanks so much for taking me to the meadow. That’s a place I would love to see

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