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Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is a life-long ambition and that purpose is ever evolving. Finding your purpose helps you focus your time and energy in activities that fulfill that purpose and spend less effort on those that distract you on your journey. Think of the Monarch butterfly and its […]

Dreamy Meadows

The meadow beckoned me to return for a sunrise visit. Arriving before the sun began to show, I walked through the dewy grass and watched as two white-tail deer bucks ran off to the forest. The Goldfinches were starting their morning feasting on the grass seeds, chirping their […]

Late Summer Wonders

Late summer. When things begin winding down for the season and autumn is just around the corner. Summer vacations at a end and the little ones have returned to school. Many of the birds that spend the season in the area have begun their travels southward to warmer […]

Mist on the Meadow

There are meadows in Maryland with their meandering hills and late summer grasses. With hot summer days and cool nights, the meadows are covered in mist and dew. It’s a magical place to be in the early morning before the sun rises. I arrived early to capture the […]

Monet on the Meadow

This weekend was spent at the beautiful Howard County Conservancy at the historic Mount Pleasant Farm in Howard County, Maryland. Filled with meadows, and woodlands the conservancy provides 232 acres with a wide variety of habitats for nature and wildlife. With an emphasis of native grass and wildflower […]

Dawn on the Meadow

Sleep was elusive overnight, so giving up the comforts of bed I headed out before dawn to find a meadow. A beautiful late summer meadow at the Howard County Conservancy in Woodstock, Maryland. A meadow left to nature with blooming golden rod and and queen anns lace. It […]