Dreamy Meadows


The meadow beckoned me to return for a sunrise visit. Arriving before the sun began to show, I walked through the dewy grass and watched as two white-tail deer bucks ran off to the forest. The Goldfinches were starting their morning feasting on the grass seeds, chirping their hello’s.

It was a humid morning, and the meadows were covered in misty fog. Perfect conditions to create some dreamy scenes. This time I was better prepared for the high contrast scenes of bright skies and dark foregrounds. Installing my newly acquired NiSi Filter Kit which has a circular polarizer embedded into the filter holder system and pairing it with a Singh-Ray Graduated Neutral Density Filter I was ready to begin my series of bracketed shots to balance out exposures for the final result.

In the first image, I used the same camera kit and did some minor edits in Lightroom before adding it to Topaz Impressions to create a painterly effect. Below is the ‘before’ image before adding the painterly filter.


Shortly after sunrise, I began to play with the beautiful backlighting that the warm sun was offering. I had set the white balance to Shady to warm up the cold tones. As I had more than enough light, I pushed the Grad Neutral Density filter up in the holder to the lighter area. Little did I realize, but the humidity had gathered on the filter and what I did was add a softening vignette to the edges of my images. There was very little I did with this image other than toning down some of the yellow and softening the clarity in Lightroom. Sometimes our mistakes can lead to beautiful results.


I was not the only one creating art in the meadow, the spiders had done their work and overnight left masterpieces in the grasses.


The meadows is the heart of nature’s beauty. The more I look, the more I see. The meadows are full of life and give an energizing lift to anyone that visits.


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  1. These pictures are fantastic, absolutely fantastic. They have such a mysterious look. One might be lookign for fairies to appear!

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