Monet on the Meadow

Monet on the Meadow

This weekend was spent at the beautiful Howard County Conservancy at the historic Mount Pleasant Farm in Howard County, Maryland.

Filled with meadows, and woodlands the conservancy provides 232 acres with a wide variety of habitats for nature and wildlife. With an emphasis of native grass and wildflower plantings, the meadows provide a beautiful variety of subtle colors that blend in.

With the warm days and cool nights of the late summer, the meadows are covered in mist in the early morning. Providing ample opportunity for the landscape and nature photographer to create.

The above capture was created by first capturing a full frame of the native grasses in the meadow and minor exposure edits in Lightroom 5.6. Then exporting into Topaz Impressions for a creative filter – Turner – this beautiful artistic rendition was created.

Here is the original image for view.HCC29aug15-0418

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