Where’s the light?

A photographer’s lament. Went out for a beautiful sunrise on the meadow and there was no light. Heavy clouds covered the sky not even leading to lovely soft-box light which I was at least hoping for.

So I sat there wondering what to do. At least I can go walk about on some trails I hadn’t been on before. Bringing along the Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II with the 300mm f/4 attached I figured I’d see just how awesome the image stabilization capabilities is.

And so I walked. The woods and trails quiet. Bird migration has been held by by the heat we’ve been having so even the trees were silent. Dragonflies flew by teasing me to think they might be a warbler.

And then I was spotted. He saw me..I saw him.

At least the light was starting to come out just a little. Continuing on the path, covered with trees I walked by a bird house and thought at first a snake was sticking its head out of the hole. Instead a charming tree frog was the visitor.

Still no light to really work with. But no light is perfect for my next stop which is to be a nearby waterfall. While I waited for the park to open, the sun began to burn off the clouds and share its beautiful blue skies. No..say it isn’t so ! The weather forecast called for a cloudy day. Sigh…

I arrive to the waterfall, frustrated with the light. Too much light now. I tried with several different filters and just couldn’t seem to find my mojo.

At least a young Great Blue Heron entertained me, laughing in a way that the light wasn’t cooperating today. And so with a passing cloud I was able to get a little better exposure on him with a slower shutter speed to help blur the waters.

Yes, it really is all about the light. Too little is good for one thing. Too much is good for another.

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