Late Summer Wonders

Late summer. When things begin winding down for the season and autumn is just around the corner. Summer vacations at a end and the little ones have returned to school.

Many of the birds that spend the season in the area have begun their travels southward to warmer climates, while there are those that are yet to arrive from Canada and other parts northern on their migration route.

The Goldfinches are busy enjoying the seeds of sunflowers, zinnias and yes, even of Swiss Chard.

It seems as if things have stalled for a while, but instead the butterflies have come out in force. They are a bit shy, and it is tempting to use a macro lens for photographing them, but when approaching them the butterflies take off. Instead I used my big 500mm lens with 1.4x extender and captured some beautiful images without disturbing them.

There were a few other beauties in the vegetable garden that I visited on this outing at Howard County Conservancy including a charming female Orchard Oriole and a sweet Eastern Phoebe.

It was a beautiful morning in the garden in the late summer. Life continues to ebb and flow through the seasons.

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  1. Oooh, I love you ability to capture birds and butterflies, especially that second butterfly! I don’t have the patience (or the equipment!) to ever get any good shots. They always take off the second I’m about to snap the shot! Wonderful work here, as always!

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