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Struck Gold

Bird photography many times takes planning and lots of patience. Over the years, my garden has become a wildlife habitat with a variety of food, water and shelter sources offered. It seems that the word has gotten out that the Manor is a safe haven and here they […]

It’s a Bugs World

As a bird photographer, there are seasons where the birds are plentiful and times when the birds are scarce. July and August are months when the migratory birds are nesting in northern regions and the hot days can quell the hardiest nature photographer’s desire to get out. Mid-August […]

Late Summer Wonders

Late summer. When things begin winding down for the season and autumn is just around the corner. Summer vacations at a end and the little ones have returned to school. Many of the birds that spend the season in the area have begun their travels southward to warmer […]

Scenes from the Magothy River

The Magothy River is an estuary that leads into the Chesapeake Bay on the western side of the bay. Teeming with life, the river offers beautiful views and glimpses into the life of man and nature. The Baltimore Lighthouse is now privately owned and is now has a […]

Dancing Daisies

Daisy Time BY MARJORIE PICKTHALL See, the grass is full of stars, Fallen in their brightness; Hearts they have of shining gold, Rays of shining whiteness. Buttercups have honeyed hearts, Bees they love the clover, But I love the daisies’ dance All the meadow over. Blow, O blow, […]

A Midsummer Day

A MIDSUMMER DAY by Dora Goodale What is so sweet as a midsummer day, When no sound greets the ear save a bird’s happy lay, Or the rustling of leaves as the wind passes thro’; When the earth is so green, and the sky is so blue! When […]

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch When dandelions star the fields Another alien singer, I, Nursed upon England’s flowery wealds, Seeking no tithe of treasured yields, Drop sudden from a summer sky To where the spangled clearing spills Its gold about your timbered hills. A mite in splendid motley clad, I mark […]

It was a Yellow kind of day

Some days begin in the dark, leading to a foggy morning with dew heavy in the air. Today’s journey was to visit the large sunflower fields at McKee-Besheer’s Wildlife Management Area. Well known to local photographers for an outstanding photography opportunity, it was long past due for me […]

Within my Garden

Within my Garden, rides a Bird Upon a single Wheel— Whose spokes a dizzy Music make As ’twere a travelling Mill— He never stops, but slackens Above the Ripest Rose— Partakes without alighting And praises as he goes, Till every spice is tasted— And then his Fairy Gig […]