Struck Gold

Bird photography many times takes planning and lots of patience. Over the years, my garden has become a wildlife habitat with a variety of food, water and shelter sources offered.

It seems that the word has gotten out that the Manor is a safe haven and here they can count on being watched out for. While I always have great intentions to grow a vegetable garden, I start off the spring with a bang and by mid-summer quickly forget that it needs to be tended to.

So this year I decided to switch to gardening flowers with pollinators and birds in mind. Along with Enchinacea or Purple Coneflower, I also planted Zinnias and Cosmos in the raised beds.

This afternoon while I sat and watched our little Osprey family, lo and behold the Goldfinches began to land on the flowers I had planted for them in springtime. Oh gloriousness – I’ve struck gold !

Just a few clicks and off they went as Goldfinches can be shy at times. I intentionally went with a bird small in the frame as I knew the flowers would do well with a painterly effect applied in Topaz Impression. Using the adjustment brush in Topaz Stuido, I removed the texture effect from the bird itself.

It was good to slow down for a couple of hours as I’ve been burning the candle at both ends the past three weeks. Mostly horse related. And now the rain is to come in. Sometimes the simplest things can bring joy to your world.

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      • All is well – having so much fun with photography. Just returned from Shetland and Orkney with many photos to remind me of the moments. I’m organizing my photos on SmugMug. I see that Flickr was purchased by SmugMug. This is my 7th year in the blogging community. I am amazed and grateful for all that I have learned from others who gladly share their knowledge. Your posts are always filled with joy.

        • Yes I have been following Lyn with great interest. He has always been in the big leagues in my life. You and Lyn encouraged me to pursue my personal style of photography – what a grand adventure we’ve been on!! Hugs!

  1. Your posts always lift my heart! Goldfinches are my great favorite, your photos of them are enchanting. Thank you for your generosity with your time and talent, your posts always encourage me to keep learning.

    • You are so wonderfully sweet and I hope all is going well with you Terri. Heard the dahlias at Longwood are incredible now, so I may be going up next week.

      It’s an honor to be considered an inspiration for you and I love sharing my world with others. Big hugs!

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