Twirling Sunflower

Sometimes the fanciest techniques that seem mystifying can actually be easily done with a Smartphone. One of these is creating an image with multiple exposures.

When wandering in my garden this afternoon, I saw that the sunflower seeds that I planted in spring have finally begun to bloom. Different varieties than seen in the sweeping farmed sunflower fields, one can plant all sorts of beautiful sunflowers for their own enjoyment.

With the flower above, I placed it on a lightpad, using a soft-box light, a white backboard and a handheld light I set the scene. Using the Average CamPro App which gives you options of how many images to have in your multiple exposure and stacks them upon each other for a final result, I took several captures before finishing with this one. I then selected the best one in the series and edited the image in Snapseed for the final result.

The Average CamPro App is available for iOS iPhone. For Android, You can look into MEC Multiple Exposure Camera App.

Keep Creating, Always Learning.

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