Pet Portraits

Hoofbeats and Paw Prints

Where there are horses there are usually cats. Kindred spirits that live in harmony together. The cats help keep the mice at bay, while the horses enjoy their hay.

This week I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful, historical and rustic barn in Poolesville for photo shoot of their barn cats. They were super friendly, and sometimes so much so they had their faces right in front of our lenses.

When you hear the term ‘herding cats’ you’d understand it well if you try to photograph a cat. Especially with one that wants lots of loving. They’re in constant motion and most certainly not the most cooperative subject.

Truly in order to get a fairly decent capture of a cat, you really need a cat wrangler to handle the cat while you position yourself with the camera ready to grab the shot as they quickly run off.

It’s actually quite fun to try, and who can argue with kitty kisses? And so try we did. With this cat and that. Laughing most of the time as the cats would just walk right up to us and demand attention.

In my life, any day at the barn is a good day. Add some loving cats and even more it’s a special day.

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  1. Perfectly charming! Love, love, love that first photo, a beautiful capture of all that is good in this world. Stunning colors.

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