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Getting Close and Personal

This year I upgraded my cell phone to an iPhone X, and trust me when I say that I am really hard on my stuff. Wanting to protect it to handle all of the sweat, dirt, horse hair, etc. that I subject it to I wanted to find a case that could not only hold up to the job, but also to offer lens options to this mobile photographer.

Many times when I’m out on the trail, I’ve only had my cell phone with me and wanted to have a macro lens for the varied little things I find along the path. Let me introduce you to the Moment Macro Lens and case for mobile devices.

This lovely little macro lens is compact and includes its own diffuser. I haven’t had the opportunity to play with it much as I’m running around photographing with the big girl’s camera, so it was overdue for me to pull it out once more and see what I can do with it.

One thing I quickly learned is that this lens is for really close up work. Moment has an App that you activate to use the lens and it is impressively versatile. First you select the lens you’re using in their line up – Wide, Telephoto, Macro or Superfish. Next you decide what file type you want the image to be saved as: JPEG, TIFF, RAW, or HEIF. You can then fine tune the exposure settings as well as the white balance.

This was a great feature while I was working tight with a Dahlia blossom this afternoon. A brightly colored pink set in the shade, I was able to dial to a white balance that worked best for the flower.

Next, as the iPhone X offers two lenses, I found that using the 2X lens and moving the lens to that port I got really up close and personal with a flower. Working a variety of positions, I finally found a spot where a nice flow of the petals graced the screen.

Once I captured an image I liked enough, I used the Formulas App to add some textures and the slight frame. I also wanted to add my logo to the image, and after trying several different apps, I landed on Image Blender where I could add the PNG logo to the image and resize and position it where I wanted it.

Finally, one of the things I really like about Moment, is that they offer video tutorials on how to use their Apps. There are many photography apps out there that don’t offer it and short of much trial and error there is little other way to learn them.

If you’re wanting to expand your mobile photography, most certainly give Moment a look. Lots of fun!

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