It was a Yellow kind of day

Some days begin in the dark, leading to a foggy morning with dew heavy in the air.

Today’s journey was to visit the large sunflower fields at McKee-Besheer’s Wildlife Management Area.

Well known to local photographers for an outstanding photography opportunity, it was long past due for me to make the trip to visit the fields.

My early start had me arrive before anyone else, and I had the fields to myself along with the deer. In spite of the dreary morn, the sunflowers brightened the landscape with their cheery yellow faces.

iPhone capture

iPhone capture

Even the darkest spirits can’t help but be lifted by such a sunny reception. Even if it was early, the bees were already busy at work. Can’t blame them as it seems they were dining on liquid gold.



It wasn’t hard to figure out which was was east as all of the flowers knew which way it was. A natural compass.


The sunflowers weren’t the only ones representing yellow today. Heading over to Riley’s Lock on the C&O Canal just down the road from the sunflower fields. Another beautiful surprise as several Prothonotary warblers were hanging about on the lock. Enjoying the mulberry tree berries, I watched yellow flit about.


And then a yellow standoff. Protonotary vs. the American Goldfinch. Who was going to win the yellow fight? A snarl and a snip. A leap towards each other, and then flying off, both a winner.


I felt like I had certainly won the gold today. Wishing you a day filled with gold as well.

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