Update on Zorro & Esperanza

Since the return of Zorro and Esperanza to their Osprey platform, I’ve been watching them each day. At first they spent a lot of time away from the nest, but daily I could see that more sticks had been added in the early morning.

Esperanza has been quieter this year, not crying as much as she did last year. Constantly whining to Zorro for this or that. Instead, she sits proudly on their humble abode and Zorro sits in a nearby tree keeping an eye on things.

If another Osprey flies near, he cries the territorial cry telling the interloper that the area and the girl is his. In fact, there had been one younger Osprey that was certainly checking Esperanza out as a potential mate, and Zorro quickly flew back to the nest displaying his large wings and covering her to stake his claim.

Other osprey aren’t the only thing Zorro’s been chasing off. In fact, a bald eagle came too close to comfort as far as Zorro was concerned and he chased that bird off as fast as he could.

They have their daily routine with nest building in the morning, and baby making in the afternoon.

In the last couple of days, I’ve noticed Esperanza on the nest for longer periods of time. Won’t be much longer before she’s hunkered down on the nest with their eggs. Can’t wait!

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