An Osprey Sunset

I’ve been keeping an eye on Skyfire which is an paid addition to the app The Photographer’s Empheremis on my iPhone for the past two months. Skyfire is a sunrise and sunset color predictor and can look up to three days. While not 100% perfect, it at least narrows down the poor days of that glorious light us photographers dream of.

Other than one very cold and bitter dawn, the sunrise and sunsets have been blue and yellow all around. So I’ve been staying home, hoping one day that red will appear on the Skyfire map. Finally, yesterday a promising sunset was predicted. Luckily I had my boat all prepped and ready to go for spring, so my friend and I jumped on and off we went.

While waiting for the sun to set, we managed to get all the way out to the Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse and saw that restoration efforts have been making headway. With a new roof, a fresh coat of paint and redone doors, the lighthouse looked lovely. CLICK THROUGH TO DONATE TO THIS CAUSE

At long last, the sun began to set and Skyfire was spot on. The brilliant color began to deepen the horizon and we hurried to find some markers with Osprey on it to get our captures.

Using my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon EF 100-400mm version II, I quickly went to work. With the one-foot water chop, and the boat movement, I stood up to help me get a steady shot. Using continuous focus and high continuous shooting I planned on making the Ospreys a silhouette in the sunset. Using Manual mode, I selected a high shutter speed of 1/1600 of a second, at f/8 and ISO 800. I’ve also learned that using Shade white balance really brings out the richness in a sunset or sunrise.

It was a glorious evening and wonderful to be back out on the water again. Until the next red sky.

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