Springtime at the Barn

Spring has sprung and all of the flowering trees are bursting with color. One of my favorites is the Kwanzan Cherry tree, which surprisingly I’ve never taken the time to photograph one.

Driving over to the barn I spotted many of them and tried to pick one that would be the best one to work with on my way home. When I arrived to play with the horses realization hit that there was actually one of them there. After doing my barn duties, I pulled out my camera and 100mm macro lens and began photographing the tree.

Trying several full fluffy blossoms, it was hard to pick just one as they were all beautiful.

After getting close, I started to think differently. Wouldn’t it be nice to include a horse in the image? Using a shallow depth of field, I draped part of the tree over a small paddock where one was watching me.

Now the creative juices began to flow and I thought to take some of the blossoms and stage them along the paddock fencing. At first, the shallow depth of field showed the horse as nothing but a black blob. So I went to f/22 and went for a deeper focus in the image.

I was having great fun working the scene, but before I knew it…the horse walked over and promptly ate my props. Silly horse.

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  1. So scrumptiously gorgeous! I love how you share your thoughts and process, thank you for those insights. Your photos are so beautiful. I loved the mischievous horse!

  2. These are all lovely, Emily. I can feel spring looking at those gorgeous blossoms. The shots with the horses are especially nice and the blossom snack was a great catch!

  3. LOL! Glad to see nothing gets wasted in Nature! I love that cherry blossom. Ours is a smaller white blossom and only tends to stay on the tree for a couple of weeks, especially when the wind starts blowing. My garden is now covered in confetti-looking petals!

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