It’s been rather difficult to get a capture of Celeste, Mrs. Bluebird. When I head down to the garden, I whistle so she knows I’m coming, usually with mealworms in hand. She flies out of the box and promptly hides in a closeby tree.

With time, she’s gradually getting more accustomed to my presence and finally felt comfortable enough to go back to her nest box. This morning’s check, there are still four eggs waiting to hatch. From my notes, May 12th is when the four eggs were completed and it takes 12 to 14 days for them to hatch. So..any day now we’ll have baby bluebirds !!

Azure always stays nearby and I get to enjoy him getting a mealworm and flying up to Celeste to feed her. This afternoon she played hard to get and he kept having to follow her to give her his gift.

On another note, I’ve heard an Osprey crying in the wee hours of the morning the past few days. Sounding like Zorro, I was hoping that at least they were still around. I managed to find the couple tonight across the river in their favorite evergreen tree. Evidently Zorro and Esperanza have finally made up after a brief separation. Looks like they’ve decided to enjoy the child free summer and just be love birds. Isn’t life grand?


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  1. Mrs Bluebird certainly sounds quite interesting, the fact that she’s gotten used to you around and she’s so sweet to be okay with it 🙂

      • Oof, mockingbirds sure like to make their statement, there’s a two of them outside my door every morning making their calls as early as 5am gah!

  2. What fantastic news all round! You’ve made my day already and it’s not even 9am! I am thrilled about the bluebird babies hatching any day now, but utterly delighted at you spotting Zorro and Esperanza again, nest or no nest. I am sure they enjoyed practising becoming parents, though! I’ll be watching this space with great interest. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You know Zorro and Esperanza had lots of fun practicing. I haven’t seen them since that afternoon in the evergreen. I hope to see them again soon though.

      So thrilled that I made your morning. 🙂

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