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The Bluebirds

Hey Mr. Bluebird! That’s one big bug you’ve got there. Bet your babies are inside anxiously awaiting the tender morsel you’re bringing them. Mrs. Bluebird came in just to make sure everything is in order. Along their waterfront home with a view of the Three Musketeers, this bluebird […]

They’re growing!

Although they do keep an eye on me. Azure and Celeste’s babies are indeed growing. There are four of them, and when I head down with mealworms for the family it’s a warm welcome. Whistling when I arrive, Celeste and Azure show up from nowhere and sit on […]

Baby Blue Bird Birthday

They’ve hatched ! Well, three out of four when I looked yesterday. Indeed, May 28th is the birthday for Azure’s and Celeste’s little children. Rather funny looking, but plenty perky and responded when I whistled my “I’ve got mealworms” whistle. Mom and dad sat nearby calmly while I […]


It’s been rather difficult to get a capture of Celeste, Mrs. Bluebird. When I head down to the garden, I whistle so she knows I’m coming, usually with mealworms in hand. She flies out of the box and promptly hides in a closeby tree. With time, she’s gradually […]

Name the Bluebirds

Mrs. Bluebird showed herself today. Mr. Bluebird has been charming and bringing mealworms to the Mrs. Bluebird and feeding her. I love hearing their little chirp in the trees, and they’re slowing getting accustomed to my presence. Mrs. Bluebird’s been rather busy at night, getting her family together. […]

We’ve got Twins!

Remember Mr. Bluebird that you met the other day? He’s been fiercely protecting his nest box for his lady, along with sharing the mealworms that I put out for them. Yesterday, I decided that it was time for a house visit, and knocking in the front door I […]

Hey Mr. Bluebird

Now that I’ve now become completely addicted to birds, the manor is becoming more of a wildlife refuge. The number of bird feeders have gradually grown, with a wide variety of styles and food offered. I even have huge trash bins filled with whole kernel corn for the […]

Balancing Act

“Look Ma ! One Hand!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.” Dr. Suess: Oh the Places […]