Baby Blue Bird Birthday

They’ve hatched ! Well, three out of four when I looked yesterday. Indeed, May 28th is the birthday for Azure’s and Celeste’s little children.


Rather funny looking, but plenty perky and responded when I whistled my “I’ve got mealworms” whistle. Mom and dad sat nearby calmly while I watered the garden. Knowing their children were safe and protected.

They should be in their nest for the next three weeks before they fledge as young teenagers, ready to torment their parents.

In the meantime, I better order some more bugs. I just know they’re going to gobble them down!


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  1. I just love your images. It is always such a pleasure to receive them. I hope you know how fortunate you are to be near all of this beautiful nature.

  2. Congrats grand mom …. Guess u will be out showing off the pics of your adorable grand babies. Have the proud parents named them yet? :-))

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