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Baby Blue Bird Birthday

They’ve hatched ! Well, three out of four when I looked yesterday. Indeed, May 28th is the birthday for Azure’s and Celeste’s little children. Rather funny looking, but plenty perky and responded when I whistled my “I’ve got mealworms” whistle. Mom and dad sat nearby calmly while I […]

Name the Bluebirds

Mrs. Bluebird showed herself today. Mr. Bluebird has been charming and bringing mealworms to the Mrs. Bluebird and feeding her. I love hearing their little chirp in the trees, and they’re slowing getting accustomed to my presence. Mrs. Bluebird’s been rather busy at night, getting her family together. […]

We’ve got Twins!

Remember Mr. Bluebird that you met the other day? He’s been fiercely protecting his nest box for his lady, along with sharing the mealworms that I put out for them. Yesterday, I decided that it was time for a house visit, and knocking in the front door I […]