Name the Bluebirds

Mrs. Bluebird showed herself today. Mr. Bluebird has been charming and bringing mealworms to the Mrs. Bluebird and feeding her. I love hearing their little chirp in the trees, and they’re slowing getting accustomed to my presence.


Mrs. Bluebird’s been rather busy at night, getting her family together. Yesterday when I checked the nest there were four eggs! Bluebird eggs don’t begin incubating until the last egg has been laid. From that point, it takes 12 – 14 days for them to hatch. So we should be seeing baby bluebirds within the month.


So it’s time to name our bluebirds, and so far three suggestions for names have been received. Would love to have you cast your vote for your favorite.

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  1. I just saw a blue bird fly by our track this morning, your wonderful photos of an amazing bird really are worth seeing!

  2. I would strongly advise against Lord Shiva and Kali – if you end up going with that replace Kali with Parvati, as Kali is also the goddess of death – not necessarily the best connotation!

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