Turkey Point Light Station


Standing high over 100 foot cliffs, at the peninsula of Turkey Point stands the light station. Built in 1833, nearly two centuries ago, this light station can be seen up to 13 miles away.

A beacon of history shining through the fair and foul weather. Through the civil war into the new millenia. A pillar of strength and guiding light for generations to come.

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  1. Lovely photo!
    My MIL has a fascination with lighthouses. Now that she is retired, she travels around and sees them.

  2. Silent Hill Shattered Memories had you swimming toward one at the end, with monsters piling on top of you. Alan Wake had you running toward one the entire game sort of, in those 2 it’s more like a beacon to ward of evil. Then in Dear Esther, it’s a point of salvation too, but an eerie one because, well spoilers.. 😀 In Dishonored there’s just bad thing happening in that lighthouse. Agatha Christie as well with the lighthouses.. and Myst too!
    Do they play into a type of fetish of ours? I wonder. I do love them, can’t deny!

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