Tag: History

The Lovely Louvre Museum

Iconic of Paris is the grandious Louvre Museum that not only holds beautiful art treasures throughout the centuries, the building itself is a historic relic. Beginning as a fortress built in 1190 by King Phillip II Augustus, the Louvre’s foundation in the lower Sully wing is one of […]

Seeing Deeper

This morning was spent in the beautiful Washington National Cathedral’s special event Seeing Deeper. This yearly event is geared for photography in mind, and the staff painstakingly moves all of the chairs to the side to clear the nave for beautiful captures. Docent Andy Bittner shared with me […]

The Bridges of Thurmont

It will be hard to beat the amazing day I had two days ago with the bald eagles. A truly magical day that will most likely be the highlight of my photographic journey. But adventures will continue and beautiful scenes will unfold before me. As there is still […]

Turkey Point Light Station

Standing high over 100 foot cliffs, at the peninsula of Turkey Point stands the light station. Built in 1833, nearly two centuries ago, this light station can be seen up to 13 miles away. A beacon of history shining through the fair and foul weather. Through the civil […]

National War Correspondents Memorial

Standing tall at Gathland State Park in Jefferson, Maryland is the National War Correspondents Memorial honoring journalists killed in combat. Built in 1896 at Crampton’s Gap, a location where the first major civil war battle occurred in Maryland at the Battle of South Mountain. A peculiar memorial with […]

Snowy Walkabout in Annapolis

Even though it is March, Old Man Winter continues to hang on with strength. A full day of snow falling on the Chesapeake Bay kept things quiet on the roads. The Naval Academy Bridge stood strong against the falling snow flakes, leading me towards Annapolis. I went to […]

At the Market

Open markets are still popular in Latin America. A wide variety of goods can be purchased in the villages high in the Andes Mountains. Children and adults alike spend time at the markets as a home away from home. With such darling faces, how can one resist? I’d […]

The Library of Congress

Two times a year, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. opens its doors to the general public and photographers. A special event where one can enter into the Main Reading Room and admire the spectacular interior of one of the most incredible buildings. President John Adams signed […]