Seeing Deeper


This morning was spent in the beautiful Washington National Cathedral’s special event Seeing Deeper.

This yearly event is geared for photography in mind, and the staff painstakingly moves all of the chairs to the side to clear the nave for beautiful captures. Docent Andy Bittner shared with me that maintaining the cathedral costs $20,000 on a daily basis. Between maintenance, staff and utilities it was time that the cathedral began ‘making the chapel work.’

Now offering a number of tours and occasional photography opportunities, anyone in the area can come and enjoy the stunning work and detail of the Cathedral. One of the favorite tours is the Behind the Scenes tour which takes visitors to hidden areas locked to the general public.

Stained glass throughout the cathedral offer a variety of subjects ranging from religious themes, to including a moon rock within the glass. And you know me..of course I had to find all the horses I could within the windows.

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The details of the cathedral are impressive. Once you slow down and begin to really look, everywhere you see something special is discovered. And if you really look, you can find Darth Vadar as one of the gargoyles outside.

But as it was raining outside, the focus was on the beautiful interior of the cathedral with its antique lights and structural details.

The history and connection to the modern world within the National Cathedral is deeper than anyone could ever image. Even Helen Keller is buried in the cathedral along with her teacher Anne Sullivan.

It has survived hurricanes and earthquakes and remains standing true. Although quite young in the age of a cathedral, it has lived a full life so far and will stand for many years to come.

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  1. I remember singing here during a high school Madrigals trip. It is an amazingly beautiful place, and when I see photos now, the sense of awe is revived. Thank you for sharing!

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