Historical Latin America

At the Market


Open markets are still popular in Latin America. A wide variety of goods can be purchased in the villages high in the Andes Mountains. Children and adults alike spend time at the markets as a home away from home.

With such darling faces, how can one resist? I’d certainly buy at least two of their wonderful pottery.

Image captured by William E. Carter, Anthropologist

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  1. Love that simple earthenware. DH spent 3 years living in Argentina and travelled to several countries in South America and bought lots of handcrafted stuff, like pots, wall hanging and even a poncho which we still have today 23 years later! Lovely photo! 🙂

    • Oh Argentina ! How I miss their Baby “Bife.” You could cut it with a butter knife. I love the artisans of Latin America, but to bring back all that heavy pottery, you know you love it when you do that. Awesome you still have some things you had brought back home in earlier years.

  2. Cool photo. The young boy looks rather mischievous indeed! I think I’d buy a few pieces myself. The girl looks like she’d keep him in line. 😉

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