The Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress


As in a Sunday morn, it is only fitting that we enter into the cathedral of libraries. The Main Reading Room at the Library of Congress. The painted dome of the Evolution of Civilization reigns high above this room of learning and knowledge.

Remarkable in its own right, the painting of a female figure representing Human Understanding is surrounded by representations of countries or time periods that contributed to western civilization. (source:


Following the walls down, representations of man’s knowledge continues. First with the symbolic statues of Art, Commerce, History, Law, Philosophy, Poetry, Religion, and Science.


Within these areas of man’s knowledge, notable men in each area stand stoic, watching ever carefully over those that enter for enlightenment. Plato, Homer, Moses and Sir Isaac Newton are just a few of those that gave mankind the pathways to further understanding.


It is for us to enter and begin our journey of discovery and learning from the tomes left by many before us. The wisdom of man is held within the pages of the millions of books held at the Library of Congress. We should all devote ourselves to life-long learning, ever searching, ever learning.

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  1. I think the Jefferson Building is the most beautiful building in DC and is so often overlooked. Beautiful photos, especially of details like the card catalogue!

    • You’re absolutely right. I had no idea until I went that day for the open house. I was completely amazed with the stunning beauty inside. Thank you so much for your kind words. I had fun walking around the stacks.

  2. Here here! What a fantastic place. The architecture is almost inhuman. I’m always impressed by the achievement of so many people. Thank you for taking us in there with you. 😉

      • Thank you again on many levels.

        I bet they wish they had our cameras back then. Man would I brag if I designed or took part in building that place, I mean I wouldn’t be able to help it!

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