Tag: History

Project 365/107 – Foggy Savannah

An early morning stroll through the historic district of Savannah. Where the fog envelops the city with its white veil, and the Live Oak trees are draped with Spanish Moss. Here is where stories are made. Business men come out with their freshly pressed oxford shirts and dress […]

Project 365/100 – FDR

A hidden treasure, a well placed treasure next to the Potomac River along the Tidal Basin and across from the Jefferson Memorial stands the memorial for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A President known for his love of water, and his leadership, this memorial is unique in its nature. Built […]

Project 365/99 – Dawn at the Tidal Basin

With the warming temperatures, the long delayed cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin have finally hit their peak bloom. With an early pre-dawn departure, I arrived to the cherry blossoms before dawn. Many photographers were already on-site establishing their desired position for the sun rise. The cloud cover […]

Project 365/98 – Bones

It’s interesting how little we tend to know about our immediate surroundings. How many times have you wandered down another street in your neighborhood to explore? Coming home today, I decided to go down a road called Old Mill Road. I was hoping that perhaps at the end […]

Project 365 / Day 81 – True Elegance

“I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others.” Grace Kelly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grace Kelly […]