The Lovely Louvre Museum

Iconic of Paris is the grandious Louvre Museum that not only holds beautiful art treasures throughout the centuries, the building itself is a historic relic. Beginning as a fortress built in 1190 by King Phillip II Augustus, the Louvre’s foundation in the lower Sully wing is one of its hidden secrets that thousands of tourists miss as they come to only visit Mona Lisa.

A visitor tip for entry into Louvre is to not go through the main entrance seen at the glass pyramid, but rather to enter through the underground mall entrance following the three layers of security. It is here that a unique perspective of the glass pyramid can be seen. I remember when the pyramid was built in 1989 and the ensuing controversy it brought. Too modern, not designed by a French citizen, too gauche.

But now it is a shining star. Brilliant against French Renaissance style palace that once housed French royalty for centuries.

At night the courtyard is popular with wedding photographers and with them are stunning brides in their bridal attire. In the Asian culture, red is the traditional color and truly glamour still lives in the City of Love.

Walking at night around the Louvre is truly magical. There is something about the majesty of the museum, the artistic lines and power that exudes from the pyramid, and the warm fellowship of others also awed by its beauty.

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