I’ve Got the Paris Blues

It’s been several weeks from my last post, and for that I must apologize. I’ve left you stranded in Paris with no map and I needed to return to guide you through Paris from my eyes.

For those that have followed me all along and know my horse Remy Martin and I, perhaps you read my earlier post about our horse barn being evicted from the premises. Well, the final horse move was three weeks ago and since then I’ve been managing people and horses in helping them get settled into their new homes. The horses adapted beautiful..the people…well, not so much. And so all of my energy has been spent there.

At last I am back, and I’m getting the Paris Blues. Yes, I do miss Paris as anyone would that has visited and had to leave. But the blues of Paris remain in my mind. Along with street photography I arrived with the thought in mind that one thing I would do is look for colors while walking the streets. French blue has its own distinct tones and it is notable throughout the city, and beyond. One of the more evident one finds these blues are on the entryways to a variety of homes. Of particular note is home #54 where Van Gogh once lived in the Montmarte area.

While walking the Parisian streets, one thing I observed is that the art of reading and writing is not lost in their culture. Unlike the United States, many book stores, and stores that specialized in writing tools like paper, note cards, and elegant pens can be found. A “must read” is the “Le Petit Prince”, written by the French aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 1943, this book is one of the most translated books in the world.

French blues are not only in French homes, and French literature, but it can also be found in French street art. Street art in Paris is becoming prolific and one great place to find some of these creations is in the Montmartre area.

Truly, I didn’t get nearly enough time to chase down all of the blues on the streets of Paris. I’m sure that a book can be filled with images of the Paris blues. But in the meantime, I might as well enjoy a lovely pastry while I dream of my return to Paris once more.

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    • Oh my – this is wonderful news Susan. Yes, once you open your eyes to color in Paris you’ll be hooked on the seek and find. Blue, yellow, red, orange, greens. It’s such fun. 🙂 Enjoy your visit.

  1. My favourite colour and you have captured it perfectly, Emily. That fascination with French windows and doors is never ending, mo matter where we are in France: they all have a beauty and charm all of their own.

    The Little Prince is almost like a rite of passage for European culture; I think just about everybody reads it when they are young, but it is never too late to enjoy and follow the wisdom of those pages. It might be small and short, but it holds within an amazing truth.

    Now, how about sharing that pastry? Enjoy.

    We are setting off on our long European tour next Sunday 16th July starting in France, of course. We simply can’t wait after Peter’s unexpected diagnosis and consequent treatment, but he is all well now and ready to travel. Bring me that horizon!

    • Everything is sunshine and roses for you now, and it is so well deserved. I’m so thrilled about the success for Peter and your upcoming holiday to celebrate life together. I know you’ll have wonderful adventures in France as you always do. To go to places lesser known that are so marvelous. I truly envy you. Safe travels my dear friend.

  2. Blue is my favorite color and these photos are exquisite. Thank you again for sharing these insider’s views of such beauty. The shades of blue are so restful to the eyes and heart.

  3. I’m so glad you found a new barn. I am putting all my energies into cleaning up our new barn we are moving to in September. It’s amazing how much work there is to do, especially when nothing has been maintained. It’s my happy place and am enjoying every moment though!
    Love your Paris viewpoint too–I have been several times but never thought to look for a color–
    Thank you!

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