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The Dogs of Paris

Parisians love their dogs and in return their dogs love them back. Part of the cityscape, dogs and their guardians are seen throughout.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things to me was that many dogs were walked on the city streets without a leash.

They would just trot along their guardian, stopping when they would and following when they began to walk again. Quiet and well behaved I was amazed just how well trained they are.

Many of the dogs were smaller, but once in a while you’d come across a larger one.

One little one was anxiously awaiting his young master when the children were leaving their school for the afternoon.

Certainly to be truly fashionable in Paris, one should walk with a dog.

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  1. And it is not just Paris, Emily. We have seen this all over France and never ceases to amaze me. It is not unusual to see dogs walking themselves in towns. Some dogs even know when to cross the road and wait at the traffic lights until they see everyone else crossing and they follow. Truly delightful!

    • It really was super Terri. I really wish I had started photographing them in the beginning of the stay but didn’t really realize how it awesome it was until I was well into the week. Next visit I will certainly make it a point to capture them.

  2. Dogs are fascinating creatures. And here in the U.S. they quite often are smarter than their owners.

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