Life at the Manor & Contest Winner

Allow me to first congratulate on the winning names for Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird. Submitted by Fatima Saysell, the names of Azure and Celeste have won the contest. She will be receiving an 8 x 10 print of Mr. Bluebird or of her choice.

Today’s nestwatch is that four eggs are in the nest. Incubation has begun and we should be seeing fledglings in twelve to fourteen days.

However, the resident Carolina Chickadees have beat the Bluebirds to the punch, and their babies began to hatch yesterday. At the nest check, four out of six eggs had hatched. Funny looking critters they are.


Along with this great news of families growing at the manor, an update is overdue for Zorro and Esperanza. We’ve been enjoying them so much this spring, and they certainly have been a great source of hope and entertainment. In spite of adversity, they appeared to persevere.

However, the latest development when Zorro built two nests seems to have divided the couple and it seems that Esperanza has given up on trying to have a family this year. The nests remain, but sit primarily vacant. Zorro and Esperanza are still in the area and send up the alarm when another osprey comes near their nest. But no indication of eggs being laid are being shown.

Indeed so discouraging, and all due the heartless act of a human who destroyed their large nest just when Esperanza was about to set some eggs. Completely disrupting her breeding cycle, there really was nothing else Esperanza could do.

So as life continues on, so must we. Let’s enjoy the families that are doing well and celebrate their success.

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    • It’s driving me crazy Ilex ! I have so much hopes for babies, and you win some and you lose some. So far, 5 of 6 of the eggs hatched from the last check on Monday.

      I was watching another nest – Barn Swallows, and there were 3 eggs last Saturday. I checked tonight, and nothing. 😦

      • That’s a bummer. I’m watching the nest fluff I put out being taken away by many birds. Interesting to see which sex is the nest builder. I can’t wait to see the babies at the feeders.

  1. Oh WOW! I am honoured! Thank you so much for choosing my suggestions. DH laughed at me when I told him and thought they were silly. That will show him!!!

    As for Zorro and Esperanza, I haven’t lost hope yet. My neighbours and I were a bit upset this year about our residential couple of swans who always build their nest in the large pond behind our houses where we walk the dogs. In previous years the cygnets would have been born by now, but as very recently there was no sign of Mum and Dad building a nest. Well, it was only on Friday that I noticed one of them was busy arranging bits of grass and straw on the island where they normally nest and by yesterday afternoon the nest seemed to be complete. I was truly delighted this afternoon when I saw one of them sitting on the nest. I think we have eggs at last! Never give up hope on Mother Nature! πŸ™‚

    • Hey ! It was the voters that loved your names best. Actually your ideas was my favorite too.

      It is so sad – Zorro left, and Esperanza gave up. So it’s a complete failed nest. Dang neighbors.

      What’s the news on your cygnets? Now that is something to get excited about ! BTW sent you an email about your prize. Besos

      • The swans are now nesting, so I presume they have layed some eggs! The nest in on a little island in the middle of the pond, so nobody can get close, but we can see them from the path. I hope I’ll get to see the cygnets before our summer holidays in the first week of July!

        I’ll check my email Re prize! Thank you very much again,

  2. There is so much in this photograph. The delicate and intricate nest, the fragile eggs and the helpless, featherless young. Nature, spring!

  3. Same here. Chickadees beat BB to one box and the day I left for AR, two had hatched. Great photo here. I did not snap a shot of mine, yet was terribly impressed by the beauty of the chickadees nest! Impeccably built from moss then lined with soft things like dog hair…This week they fledged. The one that failed I found on the driveway…not sure how a tiny chickadee removed the deceased, as it was nearly as large as the adult. Go chickadees! Perhaps now the BB will have a second look for their second nesting period.

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