We’ve got Twins!

Remember Mr. Bluebird that you met the other day? He’s been fiercely protecting his nest box for his lady, along with sharing the mealworms that I put out for them.

Yesterday, I decided that it was time for a house visit, and knocking in the front door I entered.

And this is what I found!


I wanted to learn more about bluebirds, nesting, feeding them, etc. and I stumbled across a wonderful website sponsored by Cornell University. is a place where you can become a certified nestwatcher by reading a short tutorial, then completing a short quiz. Here you can record your nest sightings, and how things progress through the family’s growth.

It’s teaching me to be patient as one should only visit a nest every third or fourth day. And each visit can’t last more than a minute. Knocking politely before entering is important too.

I’m wondering if the little lady may lay more eggs and only time will tell.

I look forward to sharing the story of Mr. Bluebird and his family throughout the next few months.

This being said – it’s time for a contest. Actually, it’s long overdue. The prize? A 8 x 10 print of Mr. Bluebird for your enjoyment.

What is the contest? Find the best names for Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird. Ready..set..go!

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  1. I’m so proud! I hope we’ll be seeing little ones soon.
    I love watching the birds bring their kids to the feeders.
    How about Mother Kali and Lord Shiva??

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