They’re growing!


Although they do keep an eye on me.

Azure and Celeste’s babies are indeed growing. There are four of them, and when I head down with mealworms for the family it’s a warm welcome.

Whistling when I arrive, Celeste and Azure show up from nowhere and sit on Zorro and Esperanza’s platform. Watching me while I place the mealworms in their special bowl, they wait patiently for me to step away.

Azure doesn’t miss a moment and jumps in and grabs mealworms 3 at a time and delivers them to the babies. You can hear them chirp, chirp, chirp with excitement that the worms have arrived.

Since they were born on May 28th, they nestle in the nest for about three weeks. So they should be fledging any day now from their nest box. As they tend to be a later in the season family, chances are these babies will remain with Azure and Celeste through the winter.

Here’s hoping I’m able to catch them before they fly the coop!

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  1. You are such a good neighbour to bring down meals for the new mum – she obviously appreciates it since those chicks are growing up quickly! πŸ™‚

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