Hey Mr. Bluebird

Now that I’ve now become completely addicted to birds, the manor is becoming more of a wildlife refuge. The number of bird feeders have gradually grown, with a wide variety of styles and food offered. I even have huge trash bins filled with whole kernel corn for the ducks and geese.

It was only a matter a time before I realized that it was time to install some bird houses in hopes of some feathered friends residents.

Two white bluebird boxes were added to the garden this year and it wasn’t long before several varieties of birds scouted them out while house hunting. Carolina Chickadees, Tree Sparrows, the dreaded House Sparrows, and best of all Eastern Bluebirds.

I had already planned ahead and had purchased some live mealworms and have them in cold stasis in the refrigerator. Along with a decorated blue cup, I placed it near one of the white homes. As soon as some bluebirds showed some interest in the home, I quickly filled the cup with meal worms to make the real estate more enticing.

And enticing it is!


I’d watch Mr. Bluebird eat three, then fly off quickly with one in his mouth. Such a sweetie, he was taking it to his girl hidden well in the trees.


He was kind enough to stop and say hello before he left though.


Isn’t he just the nicest bluebird you’ve ever met? So watch out ! We’ll have another family joining us at the manor.

Yes..I’m still waiting on Esperanza – the Osprey to begin laying her eggs.

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  1. Man this is such an outstanding post/photos. When I was a member of another group that is tragically sadly defunct called Gather there was an incredibly talented photographer who every year shared photos of a nesting pair of bluebirds and their children. She chronicled the happy family from setting on the eggs until the children flew away. Your fine post brought back memories of her work, thank you.

    • That sounds like a wonderful group of friends you had, and too bad it is now disbanded. I’m thrilled that there is a new family settling in. I’ll certainly be giving updates here too.

      Thank you so very much Kevin, and have a wonderful day. Bella

    • Wonderful to meet you Maja, and another person that has also visited the Galapagos. Aren’t the islands incredible? You are so well traveled, lucky you.

      Thrilled that you enjoyed these captures so much, and I also like the first one as well.

  2. I’ve not seen a bluebird… ever actually. Ok, not close up, but I’ve not hung the right food yet. I tried dried meal worms and got the snub from the birds. Shame on me for cheaping-out!
    I am really hoping Z & Ez can have their family this year. 💖

    • I wonder if bluebirds aren’t as common in your area. I know there are two types. Eastern and Western. Yep, those dried bugs just didn’t work. Live was the way to go. But actually I only put them out once I saw the bluebirds. The live ones are pretty cheap too, but have to keep them in the fridge to keep them dormant. Luckily I have a spare fridge. I wouldn’t want them where my food is.

      Esperanza is starting to frustrate me. Lay your eggs already will ya? Have a lovely week!

      • We have eastern here. Plenty of houses at the forest preserves. I just need to get off my butt and go to them! I can’t expect all the birds to come to me in my window 😉
        I have seen a hummingbird 2x this last week and got my feeder out. Let’s hope get a visitor or two. ..
        I still hope Ez can have her family. I’m still stewing tho….

  3. Love it Emily! What a sweet scene ~ before you know it you’ll have birders in your yard taking notes and photographing all the activity for their travel diaries!

  4. You won’t believe this, but I have recently started to buy mealworm for my garden too in an attempt to attract other variety of birds like goldfinches and blue tits and, although I have succeeded in my quest, I have also attracted an awful lot of starlings, who empty the feeder in no time at all. I can adjust the top of the feeder, but they are so clever, they have worked out how to push it up and DH and I have devised a method to keep it tight in place. Do you have that problem too?

    By the way, that is an amazing picture, the one of the bluebird leaving the feeder. I absolutely love those wings! 🙂

    • Luckily the starlings haven’t found the few mealworms that I put out for the bluebirds. I just put out a little bit for their benefit. Plenty of regular bugs for them to eat.

      Thank you so much for your kind words on that in-flight shot. The wing is really amazing – but it’s not in focus ! Ok..I’m being picky. 🙂

  5. How lucky are we that YOU are addicted! Fantastic shots, and I do love the blue of the feeder. Perfect. More please.

    We enjoyed Dad Bluebird and his four offspring on our bird bath. He was apparently teaching them what do there. Fun to watch all the water splashing from above and in the classroom! So hard to focus with such visuals. LOL

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