Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles in the area are fully represented in selected areas. Both the Orchard Oriole and the Baltimore Orioles are special due to their brilliant color.

The Baltimore Oriole numbers are on the decline, and finding one, let alone finding an area where they are nesting is challenging. A local area community lake is known to host Baltimore Orioles during the breeding season.

The Feathered Friends Photography Group headed to Wilde Lake in Columbia, Maryland in search for these lovelies. Easily found, we managed to enjoy views of a female Baltimore Oriole building her nest.

The day was overcast and misty, with a gray cloud cover that threw off the camera’s meter. The nest sits high in a tree, so even more challenging to photograph. This is one of those times that content trumps quality.

Wildelk9may15-7523 Wildelk9may15-7517

She was gathering soft nesting material this morning, some appeared to be animal fur. I wondered where she found such building stuff. The nest is a pocket on a delicate branch.


The boys were more elusive this morn, but sang occasionally high in the trees with their jumbled song. Their brilliant orange easy to detect in all the greenery.

Baltimore Oriole - Male

Baltimore Oriole – Male

Such a beautiful sight to behold this morning. It’s been hard to drag me back inside as the weather has been perfect, the birds plentiful. One must take the opportunity to enjoy these days as much as possible.

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