Little Yellow Bird


The Yellowbird

by James Whitcomb Riley

HEY! my little Yellowbird,
What you doing there?
Like a flashing sun-ray,
Flitting everywhere:
Dangling down the tall weeds
And the hollyhocks,
And the lordly sunflowers
Along the garden-walks.

Ho! my gallant Golden-bill,
Pecking ‘mongst the weeds,
You must have for breakfast
Golden flower-seeds:
Won’t you tell a little fellow
What you have for tea? β€”
‘Spect a peck o’ yellow, mellow
Pippin on the tree.


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  1. Beautiful shot Emily…the bird really stands out against the background. Lovely πŸ™‚

  2. Great photo! Love the prose.
    Are these guys woodland birds? I’ve never seen one.

    • Funny, I’ve seen them in Galapagos all over, and here I’ve seen them in a similar habitat. Near the shore in a woody area. Although they have been seen in “Wet thickets” and roadsides.

      • My problem is I need to get off my butt and go look for them! I do pretty well getting other birds to come to me via the feeders and nest fluff. But, remember, I’ve got that restless dealio.. Your patience still amazes me =-D
        BTW ~ Did you hear about the Wolf Volcano erupting on Isabela Island? Everyone including the pink iguanas seem ok =-)

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