Tag: Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

A Spectacular Sunrise

The Sun took my breath away today. Granted it was a chilly 30 degrees with a brisk breeze, but the o-dark thirty departure from home to arrive at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge was certainly worth it. One of my favorite photographer tools is the Skyfire option with […]

Playing in the Digital Darkroom

The Feathered Friends Meetup group traveled to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware over the weekend. It was busy along the wildlife loop with birders and photographers of all ages. It was quieter than my last visit a few weeks prior, but the morning was pleasant with […]

Little Things

It’s the little things in life that makes things special. A little whisper, a little song. Something soft, something warm. It’s the little things in life that distract us from overwhelming things. They cause us to pause, and be reminded that in spite of adversity, there is always […]


While visiting Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, I headed to the end of the road, and walked towards the red barn of the Allee House. I was really hoping to find hummingbirds in the back, but instead found a pair of black beady eyes watching me. This juvenile […]

I’m a Wader

The marsh pools of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge attract a wide variety of wading birds. Many of them call Bombay Hook their summer home and a place to raise a family. These Black necked Stilts, now teenagers were enjoying the cool water and stuck together like twins […]

Little Yellow Bird

The Yellowbird by James Whitcomb Riley HEY! my little Yellowbird, What you doing there? Like a flashing sun-ray, Flitting everywhere: Dangling down the tall weeds And the hollyhocks, And the lordly sunflowers Along the garden-walks. Ho! my gallant Golden-bill, Pecking ‘mongst the weeds, You must have for breakfast […]

Ouch ! That Hurts!

Along the marsh of Bombay Hook National Wildlife refuge, shore birds are beginning to collection in high numbers. On their migrational route north, Bombay Hook is an essential rest stop along their journey. While watching a number of wading birds, a pair of dueling semi-palmated sandpipers caught my […]

Adorable Little Fox Kits

Ok, so are you ready for cuteness overload? Well I certainly am! Determined to have a “baby week” last week, I went in search of babies. It took traveling to three states, but totally worth the effort. Today’s darlings are the fox kits at Bombay Hook National Wildlife […]