Adorable Little Fox Kits

Ok, so are you ready for cuteness overload? Well I certainly am!

Determined to have a “baby week” last week, I went in search of babies. It took traveling to three states, but totally worth the effort.

Today’s darlings are the fox kits at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, Delaware. There are two fox dens that are known. One is fairly open, but all were staying deep inside. The other is along the forest’s edge amongst the brambles. Two darling kits frolicked in the early morn.


I was able to enjoy them pounce practicing, and wrestling each other within the briar patch. One, with a moment of curiosity stepped out to look around.



A fellow photographer Russell Clark of Clarkes Captures lives just outside of Bombay Hook and has been able to photograph these little darlings since they were just a couple of weeks old.

Oh how I envy him being able to enjoy these cuties. Each day I think of these kits and wish I could play with them. If only they were in my backyard.


Check out Russell Clark’s Youtube channel as there are several short clips of these fox kits, practically from birth! In this one, a kit has a rabbit, but it got stuck on a stick. Struggle as he might he just couldn’t get it loose.

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  1. I just love those cute photos. Especially those green eyes looking into the camera. These photos must have been a real pleasure to take.

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