A Sad Tale Indeed

With great despair today’s update for Zorro and Esperanza isn’t cheerful. I visited them two days ago, sitting in their high rise apartment, tending to it, making it perfect for the kids to come. Esperanza appeared that she was about to lay her first egg, but hadn’t quite done so as she was moving around quite a bit.

We had yet another full day of strong winds, with high wind gusts. Seeing the nest last, surely it was heavy enough that it could withstand the winds this time.

But the Gods were against them and once again their nest has been blown away.

UPDATE !! The story gets worse !! I went down again to see if they were going to try to rebuild. WASN’T THE WIND ! It was the neighbors that so rudely kicked them out of their home. They took out every bit of stick and put streamers up. All so they could use their stupid little boat. I am so angry right now….


They were flying together high in circles over the river, also in despair. Words escape me in the sorrow of their loss yet again. Was there an egg laid this week? It would be even more tragic.

This afternoon’s discovery has left me with tears in my eyes. To try so hard to create a home, only for it to be swept away in an instant.

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  1. Oh….. Emily…. I, too, have no words. Loss comes to us all, no matter who we are… The tears are very real here, too, my friend, as my thoughts and heart turn to these two winged creatures whom I have come to love because of you, sharing them with us all. Hoping for a miracle for them, so in awe of their fierce determination to march on. Not unlike us all… ❤

    • You better get your tissue box out. It wasn’t the wind. It was the neighbors that removed their nest. Cruel and selfish humans – all to use their little stupid boat.

      And if there was an egg – oh how I could have proved that. I could have gotten in trouble with the law for messing with the nest.

    • I am seeing red right now Andy. I went back down to see how things were going. It was the neighbors that tossed the nest. Every last stick of yet. And put streamers up to scare them off.

      It is so cruel of them.

        • Cruel and selfish people. They wanted to use the dock for their own summer use for their little boat and two jetski’s.

          I have a friend that’s connected with the Dept. of Natural Resources that’s going to put the fear of God into them this weekend.

        • Damn, Dept of natural resources AND Karma! if I was around I’d be right there screaming up a storm, zorro worked so hard and they had such hopes

  2. I am so, so sorry for these incredible animals. There are no words to express my sadness and fury at human ignorance and cruelty. Can you report them for harming wildlife?!?

    • I sure will ! Early this morning Zorro and Esperanza were on the nesting spot with new sticks, but I didn’t see them there this evening. I’ll check again in the morning.

      In the meantime, a natural resources law enforcement friend is stopping by tomorrow to straighten the people out. Here’s hoping it works.

  3. That’s horrible news! It’s always got to be one jerk in every neighbourhood eh? Too bad that some humans can’t use their intellect and compassion to find a way to come up with a win-win situation.

    • It’s a tough scenario. If they didn’t want the nest, the way to do it is to remove the sticks daily. Not wait until it’s become a high rise. But, that being said, I’ve now learned that it’s illegal in our state to mess with the nest at all.

  4. Oh, my god. This is horrible. I’ve been following their story with so much excitement – and now this?? The sheer callousness of some people is unbelievable – that’s why blogs like yours are important, to spread the sheer beauty of what they were creating… I seriously hope there is some law against it.

    • I know, I hated to share the latest news, but I know many have been following the story of Zorro and Esperanza.

      There is supposedly a state law that prohibits them from doing this, and thanks to facebook, one of my friends is a natural resources law enforcement person that is going by their house tomorrow to give them a what-for.

      Saw Zorro and Esperanza early this morning at the nest spot with new sticks. Such perseverance against adversity.

  5. I may cry later, however I am seeing RED right now! Red!😲
    There are laws here that prohibit humans from messing with wildlife in that way. I know this as a natural areas management guru. Not just mouthing off here. Report them! Its like hunting out of season.
    It’s not like they would be there forever. F-ing idiots. (Excuse me). I truly hope they get a lesson in wildlife. Please be sure to not let this drop. These dopes need a life lesson. Please keep us informed of the progress!
    So heartless….

    • I saw It is so very wrong in so many ways. So glad you’re as outraged as I have been.

      Luckily, I know a natural resources law enforcement person who will be going by their house tomorrow to tell them the what-for.

      Saw Zorro and Esperanza early this morning with new sticks..imagine that!

      • Ohhh, I truly hope they are able to start a nest away from the mean people. Only stopping by them to poop on their cars! Please keep us posted!

  6. Oh no! How heartbreaking for them and for you! If only we could stop the destructive power of Nature sometimes, but we are all at its mercy. I feel for you. I hope Zorro and Esperanza will try again. Surely wild animals and birds are used to this kind of thing and they know better than to give up. Best of luck to them. Big hug. ❤

  7. I’ve just seen your update! That’s even worse. I am sick to my stomach. That would be illegal in this country, as wild birds are protected. Are these the same people whose son shot Tuxedo? Nice people they are NOT!

    • It is of the same family. A natural resources law enforcement friend will be knocking on their door tomorrow. I saw this morning that Zorro and Esperanza were starting to rebuild again. I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I was so sad last night, you can’t even imagine.

    • I thought they would go elsewhere, but I saw them early this morning with new sticks. That’s their home gosh darn-it!

      Getting some natural resources law enforcement help tomorrow. This story will continue to unfold. Pray for a positive outcome.

  8. Heartbreaking. I’m very upset even from the distance. What a horrible thing to do. And I’m so sorry. Ospreys are such wonderful birds. We had a couple of big storms last week, but it seems our nest is quite intact, with 3 chicks in it now, but parents have been bringing in branches and twigs so some repair was needed.

  9. Poor, poor Zorro and Esperanza. My heart cries for their pain. How ridiculously self-centered and cruel of the neighbours to knock down the nest simply for their short-lived pleasure. Bring on Karma I say!

  10. How sad Emily, this couple really worked hard to get their “house” in order and poof. Sorry to read about what happened. Yeah we get so attached to birds and their lives.

      • If you can believe it, the dove family has moved out and a new Mom has laid her eggs and we’re going through the process all over again! I know what you mean, we do get attached to the birds.

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