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Fennec Fox

During my visit at the National Zoo the other day, we stopped into the Small mammal house and enjoyed the little creatures that sleep throughout the day and party all night long. A pair of Fennec foxes were nestled in the back of their habitat with a dirty […]

Hey Foxy!

It’s fox season ! Actually all the time is fox season for me, but in particular this is the time of year that all area nature photographers are out on a fox hunt. Really what we’re looking for are darling little fox kits like the ones we get […]

My What a Big Mouth You Have

The better to eat you! Falling into the category of content trumps quality. There’s been a large band of rain coming through our area, and I know when it rains at night it means foxes in the morning. Unable to hunt in the black of the night, Foxy […]

Adorable Little Fox Kits

Ok, so are you ready for cuteness overload? Well I certainly am! Determined to have a “baby week” last week, I went in search of babies. It took traveling to three states, but totally worth the effort. Today’s darlings are the fox kits at Bombay Hook National Wildlife […]

In the Rain

It was raining, and someone came out with an appetite. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that I’ve learned that Mr. Fox is actually a Miss Fox. After the Evening Buffet, and watching a short clip, I saw the fox squat for, well..a pee. Seems these foxes leave a […]

The Night Buffet

NOTE: If you’re unable to view the video above, try the one below for an international version. The critters at the manor had a lovely evening dinner buffet. Click and watch the action as it plays out through the evening. It’s nice that they shared. May you have […]

Elusive Mr. Fox

Now that the snow and ice have finally melted, I’ve been continuing my search for Mr. Fox. When the snow fell, I attempted to identify and follow said Mr. Fox footprints, but they led me no where, assuming I had the right tracks. With the ground uncovered by […]

A Morning Surprise

With the fall coming, the sunrise is later than usual. That is, until we have daylights savings time. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the leisure sunrises at seven in the morning, and I wasn’t the only one up early. Seems I wasn’t the only one surprised at the […]

Peek-a-Boo…I See You

Yesterday at the horse barn I was looking out on the green field and a small red spot caught my eye. It was one of those lucky days that I happened to have my camera in the car, so I stopped and quietly got out to get a […]

Pink Neck of the Manor

Today I was given a new nickname “Pink Neck of the Manor.” Yesterday I was out on a trail ride at the barn with Remy Martin and along the way we caught sight of two fox kits playing on along the edge of the woods. I had been […]