The Night Buffet

NOTE: If you’re unable to view the video above, try the one below for an international version.

The critters at the manor had a lovely evening dinner buffet. Click and watch the action as it plays out through the evening.

It’s nice that they shared.

May you have a wonderful Easter Weekend with your family and friends. Bella



Food, in the end, in our own tradition,
is something holy.
It’s not about nutrients and calories.
It’s about sharing.
It’s about honesty.
It’s about identity.

Louise Fresco

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  1. I just went to your site and it played fine. Very clever. Everyone got their piece. Lots of fun nightlife at your house!

  2. Great little movie, nice job editing. Interesting how the smallest of the group made off with the most, and to think he came back and got more later! Then the biggest, the predator if you will, Mr. Fox was so skittish. Lol. That racoon was HUGE! I throw old food out to the animals too, why let it go to waste? I’m sure there are plenty who will argue that point to some degree or another but hey, all your little visitors will live a day happier.

    Thanks for the smiles! 🙂

    • I really thought it was the fox that was getting the chicken carcass. was the possum. The fox was so funny throughout the whole series, I actually loved his glowing eyes from under the bush. And that racoon? Dude ! HE IS SO FAT !! Really needs weightwatchers.

      Yes, we would probably get nailed by the tree huggers, but I don’t feed them every day, just now and again. Now if only Mr. Fox would start working on weaning down my squirrel invasion.

      • Squirrels are killing my seed supply! I have to get another squirrel guard although I do take the liberty of sending my dog out when I see them on the feeder. 😉 She slows down if she gets close to them and I’d never actually let her get one but I just want them to know: DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE!

        And honestly, the only people I think can be mad are those pestered by the resultant animal visits b/c we’re making sure the food doesn’t go to waste. Besides, once in a while who doesn’t deserve an extra special snack? 😉

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