Horned Grebe

One of the many migrating birds that pass through the Chesapeake Bay is the Horned Grebe. Unique in their red eyes, and coloring around the males heads, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by these odd creatures.


They dive for fish and are excellent underwater swimmers. Sometimes watching them, you wonder if they’ll ever come back up again. But indeed they do with a rather satisfied look on their face.

They breed throughout Canada and Alaska, and spend their winter months in the Southeastern U.S. It’s always fun to be in the presence of these grebes, and appreciate their visit along their travels.


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  1. Wow,red contacts and some orange flares on the sides of my head? That would be pretty interesting and I swear I would wear it all for a night (at least).

    You help the world to appreciate the diversity and beauty in water fowl I do believe. Is the second shot of a female or perhaps a juvenile? The first guy looks a little scruffy, though still impressive. While the second looks like they put a bit more care into their grooming and their diet. πŸ˜‰

    Nice shots for today!

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